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Stilt Shelf By Makers With Agenda
Stilt Shelf
kr. 1,195
Butterfly Hangers By Makers With Agenda
Butterfly Hangers
kr. 175
Lyngby Vase - White By Lyngby Porcelain
Lyngby Vase - White
kr. 245


Frama E27 - Bulb So... By FRAMA
Frama E27 - Bulb Sockets
kr. 275
kr. 178
Twist a Twill By Ratzer
Twist a Twill
kr. 695
kr. 445
Bright Sprout - Oiled By Nordic Tales
Bright Sprout - Oiled
kr. 395
kr. 256

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Atelier Globe By FRAMA
Atelier Globe
kr. 180
kr. 117
Flip Around Table By Menu
Flip Around Table
kr. 1,299
kr. 1,104
Chunk Candle Holder By Menu
Chunk Candle Holder
kr. 249
kr. 211


Parrot Pair Poster By Anna Ekre
Parrot Pair Poster
kr. 350
Gazelle Pillow Case By Anna Ekre
Gazelle Pillow Case
kr. 650
Cheetah Pillow Case By Anna Ekre
Cheetah Pillow Case
kr. 650